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Thank you for visiting my author web site. Prior to taking up the pen, I worked as a producer in radio and television for many years specialising in education. This included working for the newly formed ‘Open University’ (1969) which revolutionized distance learning by allowing people to study at home with broadcast TV programmes forming an important part of their study.

After that I ran my own TV production company for fourteen years until the great financial crisis of 2009 brought that to a juddering halt. It was time to re-invent myself and so I decided to take up the pen and face the challenge of writing a novel. The Guest Who stayed is the result. It’s based on the true story of distant relations. I was intrigued by the emotional turmoil of a family where two men compete for the love of the same woman and are left to raise the child of her union with one of them after her untimely death.

The Guest Who Stayed was launched in October 2013 as an e’ book and has continued to build a steady audience since then. Reader feedback has been fantastic and I thank the many people who have contacted me. Since then, I have written the sequel, ‘The Resurgent Woman’, which follows the story of the Carter dynasty as it makes its perilous journey from a rural backwater to the fringes of power and corruption on a national stage. The story is set against a backdrop of mid 60’s London – a time of great social and political change. Book three in the series ‘Queen of Cards’ catapults the main characters into the fast moving events of the mid1970’s in which political turmoil and international intrigue bring the Carter dynasty to the brink of destruction as echoes from the past come to haunt the present.

The Penhallam series currently contains one book ‘The Voice Within’ – with another on the way. It has a paranormal element designed to pose questions and probe alternative explanations. It’s a compelling contemporary story which combines issues of forced marriage and religious intolerance with a historical narrative drawn from the English Civil War. How the two connect forms the basis of this intriguing novel.

You can grab a sneak preview of the first two chapters of each book by clicking on the appropriate cover.

Thank-you for visiting my site.

The Guest Who Stayed Sequel
The Guest Who Stayed Sequel
The Voice Within
The Guest Who Stayed Sequel
The Guest Who Stayed Sequel

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