My Novels

On this site you will find information and links to my three novels ‘The Guest Who Stayed’, ‘Devious Affairs’  and ‘The Voice Within’. Please sign up below so that I can include you in my mailing list and send you information about new books and offers.

THANK YOU for visiting my author web site. Prior to taking up the pen, I worked as a producer in radio and television for many years specialising in documentary and education. After that I ran my own TV production company for fourteen years covering a wide range of topics and genres.

The great depression of 2009 led me to re-think my life strategy and I decided that it was time to satisfy an unfulfilled dream and write a novel. The Guest Who Stayed is my first opus and it enabled me to explore the complexities of ordinary people caught up in unusual situations. I really wanted to create characters that my readers would care about in spite of their obvious failings and frailties. Read More >