The Years In Between

A sacrifice that seeds a dynasty


Book Released

October 2020

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A boy is carried up a rock face to be sacrificed at sunset. Young Jed finds himself isolated and alone as he is hunted down in the forest. Eleven hundred years separate these events but both are intricately woven into the destiny of a family that has its roots in the small town of Frampton. Jed’s looks and manner set him apart from the rest of his family and hark back to the early days of Viking raids when Frampton was an exposed trading post on the banks of the river Fram.

As Jed grows older a chance meeting with a stranger living alone in the forest reveals explosive information about his birth that sets him on a course of action which will change his life and the lives of others for generations to come.

The Guest Who Stayed Sequel
The Voice Within
The Guest Who Stayed Sequel
The Guest Who Stayed Sequel

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