Get Ready for Summer

    The sun is struggling to break through so now’s a great time to get your summer reading in order. Why not check out this site – The Prolific Reader. Over 300 free books to download from Romance and Fantasy to Science Fiction and Horror (plus much more). You’ll find my first two books in the ‘Destiny’ series … Read More

Thirty Free Thrillers to download.

As part of my new life as an author, I’m often asked to participate in free promotions for specific genres. I’ve just joined a group which is offering thirty free thriller downloads for a limited period. My third novel, ‘Devious Affairs’ is amongst them. There’s a wide variety of themes to choose from including murders, demons, kidnaps and romance. With … Read More

Is The Guest Who Stayed based upon fact?

  Is The Guest Who Stayed based on fact? Yes it is. People often ask me this question as they become engrossed in the lives of the characters. It began for me nearly fifty years ago. My father had just taken possession of his first car, a second hand Ford Popular. Suddenly our family was released from the confines of … Read More

Launch date announced.

I’m excited to announce that the sequel to The Guest Who Stayed will be released in Mid-October 2016. The title is still ‘under wraps’ but the manuscript is finished. The story picks up in 1953 when Emma returns to England after her black GI husband dies in a drugs related shooting. She seeks out the father and son of her … Read More

The Sequel Starts Firing

Excited to announce that the sequel to ‘The Guest Who Stayed’ is now underway with an anticipated publication date of May 2016. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet as I’m one of those writers who allows the story to unfold as the keyboard commits the ideas to paper. However I’m meeting some intriguing new characters and the story … Read More

Live on Wattpad

  I’m very pleased to announce that ‘The Voice Within’ has just been selected as a ‘recommended book’ on Wattpad. This particularly pleases me as the Wattpad reader feedback is much more spontaneous and immediate than some other review sites such as Amazon and Goodreads. On these sites, reviews (much as they’re appreciated) tend to be more formal and ‘literary’ … Read More

A Day at The London Book Fair

  I visited the London Book Fair last week on a hot and sunny day that made the overcrowded capital seem almost bearable. The Fair is a vast event where it is easy to lose focus and wander in an aimless daze. I made my way to the author area on the first floor and was just in time to … Read More

New web site launched

Welcome to me new web site – This is the site where I’ll be showcasing my two novels, The Guest Who Stayed & The Voice within. I’ll also be providing regular updates on the the sequel to The Guest Who Stayed which I hope to launch later in the year. I’ll be uploading some sample chapters and appreciating any … Read More

The Voice Within – launch

In December I launched my new novel, The Voice Within. This is a story of a senior newspaper journalist who is sacked for phone hacking. His decadent lifestyle has led to his marriage breaking up and estrangement from his only son. His search for a new story takes him to his family’s old ancestral home in the West of England … Read More