Launch date announced.

I’m excited to announce that the sequel to The Guest Who Stayed will be released in Mid-October 2016. The title is still ‘under wraps’ but the manuscript is finished.

The story picks up in 1953 when Emma returns to England after her black GI husband dies in a drugs related shooting. She seeks out the father and son of her half-sister who died of cancer and is soon installed as a replacement wife and mother.

Against a backdrop of the vibrant and rebellious ‘60’s Emma finds herself running a construction business which is in conflict with the local labour union. She receives support from the boss of a crime syndicate and is soon embroiled in a torrid affair with him which challenges her own morality.

As the crisis worsens, Emma finds herself thrust unwillingly into the frontline of a power struggle which pits vested interests from the past against those with a new social and political agenda. Her survival depends on gut instinct and having to learn fast.