The Voice Within – launch

In December I launched my new novel, The Voice Within. This is a story of a senior newspaper journalist who is sacked for phone hacking. His decadent lifestyle has led to his marriage breaking up and estrangement from his only son. His search for a new story takes him to his family’s old ancestral home in the West of England where his presence appears to awaken memories of a terrible deed which has parallels with his own son’s troubled relationship with a Muslim girl.

This is a very different novel from The Guest Who Stayed because I was trying to create a faster paced story without sacrificing the emotional bond between reader and main characters which I think works so well in the first book. It combines two stories, one about forced marriage and the other about the notion that memory can be retained by physical objects. (recent research in Boston has demonstrated this to be true). By linking the two ideas, I have created a narrative which is sometimes challenging and sometimes disturbing but I hope that it’s never dull.|

The Voice Within is available as an e book on Amazon and will be available as a paper back later this year. Please let me know what you think, and even better, please review it on Amazon.

Roger Penfound