Live on Wattpad



I’m very pleased to announce that ‘The Voice Within’ has just been selected as a ‘recommended book’ on Wattpad. This particularly pleases me as the Wattpad reader feedback is much more spontaneous and immediate than some other review sites such as Amazon and Goodreads. On these sites, reviews (much as they’re appreciated) tend to be more formal and ‘literary’ in style. By contrast, Wattpad readers, who are generally aged between thirteen and twenty-five, feedback as they are reading the book responding with emotion as they engage with the characters. Here’s a typical selection from readers of The Guest Who Stayed.

‘This is already so good OMG’

‘It soooo niiiiiccccceeee<3’

‘he’s disgusting.’

‘First paragraph and I’m already speechless’

‘Let him die! Old pervert!’

‘This is incredible. I don’t want to stop reading… and I won’t. I already feel like I know these people’

‘Damn Flora I feel sorry for you…. He sounds nasty’

‘Sounds awesome i am so reading to the end’

‘Be brave Alice. Your gonna need it.’

‘Amazing character development.

I love this impulsive feedback. For a writer it’s great to feel that readers are getting to know the characters you created and even discovering aspects of their personality you hadn’t conceived. Wattpad is a great site for new writers and I wholeheartedly recommend it. One problem – it’s a free download site so you won’t earn any money. However, if you’re a self-published author you probably know that anyway!!